Warden Steeles Wellness Center does not only treat pain syndromes, but we are also good at motor vehicle accident (MVA) rehabilitation. We can help our clients apply for medical claims from your auto insurance companies.

Three steps to apply for a medical claim:


We are a registered professional rehabilitation center for HCAI (Health Claims for Auto Insurance). Ontario registered doctors and therapists will develop the most professional and most effective rehabilitation treatment plan for you. Choose us and fell rest assured!

Our center provides free assistance when you submit to the insurance company your rehabilitation treatment plan, applying for nursing expenses, and compensation for lost work. This eliminates all kinds of troubles that customers directly negotiate with insurance companies.

If you require more assistance, we can recommend a professional team of lawyers and psychological counselors to ease any physical and mental stress as soon as possible, and get the most beneficial compensation.

Will applying for medical compensation fees affect the price of auto insurance?

Statutory Accident Benefits Coverages are provided by law under every auto insurance policy in Ontario. Regardless of fault, every passenger or pedestrian has a basic minimum of $3500 medical compensation. This basic medical compensation fee will not result in an increase in your auto insurance fees. If fees are increased it will be based on the insurances terms and conditions regardless whether or not any medical benefits were used.

Warden Steele Wellness Centre has a number of experienced therapists such as chiropractors, physiotherapists, registered massage therapists, acupuncturists and Chinese medicine practitioners. We have been serving the community for 15 years, and earned the praise of more than 7,000 clients. Each therapist has a certified professional license recognized by HCAI for MVA traffic accidents.

We take care of each of our clients and develop an individualized treatment plan. We do not treat our patients like an assembly line. Every client receives the greatest possible medical help!

If you are in a car accident, we try our best to help you during your rehabilitation, reduce mental stress and get financial compensation!
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