How to Apply for Insurance Benefits

We have many years’ experience in applying for insurance benefits. We understand the requirements of most insurance plans and application processes. We will try our best to help you to maximize your benefits and can provide assistance in filling out the application form.

Ensure Benefit Coverage

Massage Therapy
Compression Stocking
Muscle stimulator (TENS machine)

Understanding your insurance plan

1. Percent Reimbursement (80%, 90%, 100%?)
2. Amount Covered (Combined-Cap or Separate Service Coverage?)
3. Do you need a doctor’s referral note prior to treatment?
4. What is the benefit period? January-December or July-July?
5. Does your plan cover other family members?

Mail the application form, receipt, and doctor referral (if needed) to the insurance company and receive a cheque from the insurance company within 2-3 weeks. We can guide you in filling the application form.